Commit 34bbe916 authored by Grzegorz Kostkowski's avatar Grzegorz Kostkowski

Fix minor bug with ger in convert_to_coarse_pos function

parent 44551a3a
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......@@ -293,9 +293,9 @@ def convert_to_coarse_pos(fine_pos):
# verbs
verb_pl_pos = ['fin', 'bedzie', 'praet', 'impt',
'inf', 'pcon', 'pant', 'imps',
'winien', 'pred', 'pact', 'ppas', 'pred']
'winien', 'pred', 'pact', 'ppas', 'pred', 'ger']
# nouns
noun_pl_pos = ['subst', 'depr', 'ger', 'brev']
noun_pl_pos = ['subst', 'depr', 'brev']
# adjectives
adj_pl_pos = ['adj', 'adja', 'adjp', 'adjc']
# adverbs
......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ setup(
author='Arkadiusz Janz, Anna Gut, Dominik Kaszewski, Grzegorz Kostkowski',
description='''A convenient API based on Corpus2 library for analyzing textual
corpora in CCL format.''',
packages=['cclutils', 'cclutils.extras'],
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