Commit e9b1721f authored by martynawiacek's avatar martynawiacek Committed by Łukasz Pszenny

Add try/catch clause for sentences with large number of wordpieces.

parent f39ffe68
Pipeline #4337 passed with stage
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......@@ -4,8 +4,6 @@ from allennlp import data
from import token_indexers, tokenizers, IndexedTokenList, vocabulary
from overrides import overrides
from typing import List
class PretrainedTransformerMismatchedIndexer(token_indexers.PretrainedTransformerMismatchedIndexer):
import logging
import os
import sys
from typing import List, Union, Dict, Any
import numpy as np
......@@ -48,7 +49,12 @@ class COMBO(predictor.Predictor):
:param sentence: sentence(s) representation
:return: Sentence or List[Sentence] depending on the input
return self.predict(sentence)
return self.predict(sentence)
except Exception as e:
def predict(self, sentence: Union[str, List[str], List[List[str]], List[data.Sentence]]):
if isinstance(sentence, str):
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