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Add IWPT'21 shared task training script. Add information about UD tools repo.

parent 6fde9305
......@@ -51,6 +51,8 @@ Enhanced Dependencies are described [here](
### Data pre-processing
The organisers of [IWPT20 shared task]( distributed the data sets and a data pre-processing script ``. If you wish to train a model on IWPT20 data, apply this script to the training and validation data sets, before training the COMBO EUD model.
The script is part of the [UD tools repository](
perl training.conllu > training.fixed.conllu
"""Script to train Enhanced Dependency Parsing models based on IWPT'21 Shared Task data.
For possible requirements, see comments.
import os
import pathlib
from typing import List
from absl import app
from absl import flags
from scripts import utils
"ar": ["Arabic-PADT"],
"bg": ["Bulgarian-BTB"],
"cs": ["Czech-FicTree", "Czech-CAC", "Czech-PDT", "Czech-PUD"],
"nl": ["Dutch-Alpino", "Dutch-LassySmall"],
"en": ["English-EWT", "English-PUD", "UD_English-GUM"],
"et": ["Estonian-EDT", "Estonian-EWT"],
"fi": ["Finnish-TDT", "Finnish-PUD"],
"fr": ["French-Sequoia", "French-FQB"],
"it": ["Italian-ISDT"],
"lv": ["Latvian-LVTB"],
"lt": ["Lithuanian-ALKSNIS"],
"pl": ["Polish-LFG", "Polish-PDB", "Polish-PUD"],
"ru": ["Russian-SynTagRus"],
"sk": ["Slovak-SNK"],
"sv": ["Swedish-Talbanken", "Swedish-PUD"],
"ta": ["Tamil-TTB"],
"uk": ["Ukrainian-IU"],
flags.DEFINE_list(name="lang", default=list(LANG2TREEBANK.keys()),
help=f"Language of models to train. Possible values: {LANG2TREEBANK.keys()}.")
flags.DEFINE_string(name="data_dir", default="",
help="Path to 'iwpt2020stdata' directory.")
flags.DEFINE_string(name="serialization_dir", default="/tmp/",
help="Model serialization dir.")
flags.DEFINE_integer(name="cuda_device", default=-1,
help="Cuda device id (-1 for cpu).")
def path_to_str(path: pathlib.Path) -> str:
return str(path.resolve())
def merge_files(files: List[str], output: pathlib.Path):
if not output.exists():
os.system(f"cat {' '.join(files)} > {output}")
def collapse_nodes(data_dir: pathlib.Path, treebank_file: pathlib.Path, output: str):
output_path = pathlib.Path(output)
if not output_path.exists():
utils.execute_command(f"perl {path_to_str(data_dir / 'tools' / '')} "
f"{path_to_str(treebank_file)}", output)
def run(_):
languages = FLAGS.lang
for lang in languages:
assert lang in LANG2TREEBANK, f"'{lang}' must be one of {list(LANG2TREEBANK.keys())}."
assert lang in utils.LANG2TRANSFORMER, f"Transformer for '{lang}' isn't defined. See 'LANG2TRANSFORMER' dict."
data_dir = pathlib.Path(FLAGS.data_dir)
assert data_dir.is_dir(), f"'{data_dir}' is not a directory!"
treebanks = LANG2TREEBANK[lang]
train_paths = []
dev_paths = []
# TODO Uncomment when IWPT'21 Shared Task ends.
# During shared task duration test data is not available.
test_paths = []
for treebank in treebanks:
treebank_dir = data_dir / f"UD_{treebank}"
assert treebank_dir.exists() and treebank_dir.is_dir(), f"'{treebank_dir}' directory doesn't exists."
for treebank_file in treebank_dir.iterdir():
name =
if "conllu" in name and "fixed" not in name:
output = path_to_str(treebank_file).replace('.conllu', '.fixed.conllu')
if "train" in name:
collapse_nodes(data_dir, treebank_file, output)
elif "dev" in name:
collapse_nodes(data_dir, treebank_file, output)
# elif "test" in name:
# collapse_nodes(data_dir, treebank_file, output)
# test_paths.append(output)
lang_data_dir = pathlib.Path(data_dir / lang)
train_path = lang_data_dir / "train.conllu"
dev_path = lang_data_dir / "dev.conllu"
# TODO Uncomment
# test_path = lang_data_dir / "test.conllu"
merge_files(train_paths, output=train_path)
merge_files(dev_paths, output=dev_path)
# TODO Uncomment
# merge_files(test_paths, output=test_path)
serialization_dir = pathlib.Path(FLAGS.serialization_dir) / lang
serialization_dir.mkdir(exist_ok=True, parents=True)
command = f"""combo --mode train
--training_data {train_path}
--validation_data {dev_path}
--targets feats,upostag,xpostag,head,deprel,lemma,deps
--pretrained_transformer_name {utils.LANG2TRANSFORMER[lang]}
--serialization_dir {serialization_dir}
--cuda_device {FLAGS.cuda_device}
--word_batch_size 2500
--config_path {pathlib.Path.cwd() / 'config.graph.template.jsonnet'}
# Datasets without XPOS
if lang in {"fr"}:
command = command + " --targets deprel,head,upostag,lemma,feats"
def main():
if __name__ == "__main__":
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