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......@@ -10,14 +10,13 @@ A service that automatically adds punctuation and casing to raw word-stream (eg.
## Config
model_path_pl = /home/worker/model/punctuator_pl ; Path where the polish model is located
model_path_en = /home/worker/model/punctuator_en ; Path where the english model is located
model_path_ru = /home/worker/model/punctuator_ru ; Path where the russian model is located
languagetool_path = /home/worker/model/languagetool ; Path where languagetool server will be placed
max_context_size = 256 ; Number of tokens that will be oonsidered in prediciton at once. Must be between in range 2*overlap+1 to 512
overlap = 20 ; The number of tokens from the environment that will be taken at inference for a text fragment
device = cpu ; Device on which inference will be made (eg. cpu, cuda:0 etc)
s3_endpoint =
Punctuator have one optional argument `language` with options: `pl` `ru` `en` (defaults to pl):
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