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# Mapping WordNet onto Human Brain Connectome in emotion processing and semantic similarity recognition
title = {Mapping WordNet onto human brain connectome in emotion processing
and semantic similarity recognition},
journal = {Information Processing & Management},
volume = {58},
number = {3},
pages = {102530},
year = {2021},
issn = {0306-4573},
doi = {},
url = {},
author = {Jan Kocoń and Marek Maziarz},
keywords = {Human brain connectome, WordNet, Desikan’s regions, Emotion lexicon,
Emotion processing, Semantic similarity},
abstract = {In this article we extend a WordNet structure with relations
linking synsets to Desikan’s brain regions. Based on lexicographer files
and WordNet Domains the mapping goes from synset semantic categories to
behavioural and cognitive functions and then directly to brain lobes. A
human brain connectome (HBC) adjacency matrix was utilised to capture
transition probabilities between brain regions. We evaluated the new
structure in several tasks related to semantic similarity and emotion
processing using brain-expanded Princeton WordNet (207k LUs) and Polish
WordNet (285k LUs, 30k annotated with valence, arousal and 8 basic
emotions). A novel HBC vector representation turned out to be
significantly better than proposed baselines.}
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