Commit 851f5d32 authored by Arkadiusz Janz's avatar Arkadiusz Janz

Merge branch 'ann_base_bug' into 'develop'

Fixing bug related to incorrect base forms

See merge request !8
parents be2d2477 a444164e
......@@ -135,8 +135,11 @@ bool MWEReader::registered = TokenReader::register_path_reader<MWEReader>(
TokenMetaDataPtr md = tokens[head]->get_metadata();
md->set_attribute(get_annotation_channel_base_name(), new_base);
std::string curr_base = md->get_attribute(get_annotation_channel_base_name());
// set new base only if it is longer than current one (if exists)
if (new_base.length() > curr_base.length()) {
md->set_attribute(get_annotation_channel_base_name(), new_base);
// annotate mwe elements with annotation_number of head
std::set<int>::iterator pos_it;
int ann_num;
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