Commit c1220a64 authored by Łukasz Kopociński's avatar Łukasz Kopociński

Merge branch 'lkopocinski/code-clean-up' of...

Merge branch 'lkopocinski/code-clean-up' of into lkopocinski/code-clean-up
parents 9be427d2 47c1ecc2
md5: fe081dae76b84b3c09bbc44d4b5031fb
md5: 67546be8df1ee6ebd8ca4a1821b2e40e
cmd: ./spert/scripts/ --input-path ./semrel/data/data/relations/relations.tsv
--indices-file ./spert/data/indices.json --output-dir ./spert/data/dataset
......@@ -6,10 +6,10 @@ deps:
path: semrel/data/data/relations/relations.tsv
- md5: 6dc4f745f4ef13bd71c2062a11fead73
path: spert/data/indices.json
- md5: f95cef92e3bad810780c5de4a718d6bf
- md5: b0b3f406b95b706e28095a7a9d32305f
path: spert/scripts/
- md5: d729f3e4d6bfe5ba6dae8b06a53685a0.dir
- md5: 21c006b5af04885dc8e5a4c7db8d2649.dir
path: spert/data/dataset
cache: true
metric: false
from typing import Dict, List
from entities import Relation
from import Relation
def in_same_context(relation: Relation) -> bool:
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