Commit 7f01c20a authored by Łukasz Kopociński's avatar Łukasz Kopociński

Remove relations.tsv.dvc

parent 0e0b7d7c
md5: 5ad7bad2f94ec1c9091fcc2170ba3133
cmd: CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES=0 ./data/scripts/ --input-path ./data/relations_files.list
--output-path ./data/relations/relations.tsv
- md5: 687d0ef2d76502c115ff26a39a3a13df
path: data/relations_files.list
- md5: 29daf02e9a621c5ce54c86c919653c1e
path: data/scripts/
- md5: a347a079e2e92cd90c0ff954da0cae73
path: data/scripts/
- md5: 973eb3d89b07d88e4a3d85df0ada1e79
path: data/relations/relations.tsv
cache: true
metric: false
persist: false
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