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This tool annotates a document with URLs of corresponidng entities.
Linker parses annotated tokens/groups of tokens to spot expressions which
have to be described by mentioned URL.
URLs are taken from semantic graph of connected resources.
Linker accepts *.ccl file with annotations of following type:
- mwe (multi-word expressions)
- ne (named entities)
- wsd (word sense disambiguation - annottated with syn_id)
Note: in current version, multi-word expressions (including named entity)
have precedence over disambiguated words. It's the case when
word annotated with wsd have been included in multi-word expression.
Then in many cases sesnse of this single word will differ from sense
of whole expression.
As a result, *.ccl document is returned with included URL annotations.
- python 2.x
- py2neo
All dependencies included in requirements.txt.
elinker path/to/ccl/doc.xml path/for/results/output_doc.xml
For help and detailed description type: elkr "--help".
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