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    • Grzegorz Kostkowski's avatar
      Fix tool names · ba6bb356
      Grzegorz Kostkowski authored
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      Unify entrypoint script to work with different configs · 7ddd4dba
      Grzegorz Kostkowski authored
      entrypoint.sh requires config_pl.ini/config_en.ini (service) which has
      to be passed to the started container. Note that service config is not
      included in image and pl and en tool configs are included (e.g.
      default_pl.ini) so one image can be used with diferent service configs and
      handle pl and en versions of tool. Currently, entrypoint.sh requires some
      extra fields in config file (e.g. model_url) which are specified in
      config_pl.ini and config_en.ini.
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      Merge branch 'shared-model-fix' into 'master' · eb874f03
      Arkadiusz Janz authored
      Workaround to avoid unexpected stop of execution
      See merge request !4
    • Grzegorz Kostkowski's avatar
      Workaround to avoid unexpected stop of execution · cd9ff7d6
      Grzegorz Kostkowski authored
      Unfortunatelly, there are some limitations related with using
      together: multiprocessing and multithreading (forking, handled by
      As a workaround, graph is not shared, each worker has own instance.
      There is also possibility to change multiprocessing mode to 'spawn'
      (and this case was checked) and it works with omp multithreading,
      but it results in same bahavior: model is copied in memory (because
      OS cannot postpone copying according copy-on-write strategy - which
      is available in 'fork' mode).
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